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Experian Data Quality Software and Solutions - Demonstrations

Experian Data Quality' software demos

These demonstrations will show you our product range and allow you to try out our interactive web product.

Our rolling demonstrations require that Flash Player has been installed on your machine. You can download it from the panel on the right.

Cloud based address verification

QAS Capture
QAS Capture is the first solution to be released in the next generation of Experian Data Quality contact data management. This video demonstrates our new intuitive, user friendly and visually enhanced address validation solution.

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Verify mobile phone numbers

QAS Mobile
The latest addition to our suite of contact data capture solutions, QAS Mobile allows you to verify mobile phone numbers. This interactive demonstration shows how QAS Mobile checks the syntax of the mobile number, whether it is registered with a network and if it is currently ready to receive a call or SMS.

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Capturing address details through your website

QAS Online Capture
This is an interactive demonstration showing how QAS Online Capture can be used to simplify your website registration forms to one address line and increase online conversion rates.

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Entering addresses

QAS makes entering and verifying valid customer address details quick, accurate and easy, eliminating up to 80% of keystrokes. Returning it to any underlying application in a standard, user-defined format for future use.

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QAS DataPlus
Accessing additional datasets related to premise or postcode at the point of data entry. This demonstration shows how QAS Pro returns DataPlus sets containing additional information simultaneously as an address is entered.

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Cleaning & verifying addresses

QAS Batch
Cleaning and enhancing the addresses in your existing database. This demonstration explains how QAS Batch can be used to keep you address database, accurate, up to date, and consistently formatted.

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Search and verify physical addresses

QAS Geocode
Locate the precise position of any physical address around Australia, using the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF®), provided by the Public Sector Mapping Agency (PSMA Australia). QAS software QAS Geocode interprets the G-NAF® data, enabling you to expand your customer database with 'geocodes' - latitude and longitude map reference coordinates.

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Validate and Verify email addresses

QAS Email

QAS Email Validate enables email address accuracy and validity checks.

  • correct and validate email addresses at point of capture
  • hosted external web-based service
  • multiple checks are done quickly and effectively
  • reduce costs of collecting inaccurate email data

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QAS for Salesforce.com Demo

QAS for Salesforce.com is a contact data management product that validates and verifies international address details at the point of entry into your salesforce.com application. Verifying this information is vital to ensure good customer service as well as saving your organisation time and money.

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QAS for Oracle CRM On Demand

The product can be integrated into touchpoints where contact details are entered into your Oracle CRM On Demand application. A wide range of additional information can also be added at point of capture including names, business, grid reference and Mosaic data.

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