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Experian Data Quality address verification software

Experian Australia is shaping the future of address verification software. Our user-friendly address database verification software suite integrates quickly and easily with almost any established or custom-built address database programs to provide a complete front-end and back-end address management solution.

Many customers are now choosing to shop online for convenience and speed. It is integral to improve online usability and experience and one key way to do this is by enhancing your customer forms. QAS Online data capture helps your customers complete and verify their address records at point of capture.
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QAS Pro address verification software provides fast and accurate real-time address validation against the latest* Australia Post Postal Address File (PAF). Performing address verification at the point of entry can prevent errors and omissions entering address database programs. The software is easy to use and install.

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QAS Batch address verification software cleanses your existing database, automatically correcting spelling mistakes and formatting errors appending DPID (Delivery Point Identifiers) and barcodes. The address correction software is AMAS certified by the Australia Post and easy to use and install.

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QAS Unify is a de-duplication tool which helps to deliver a single customer view of your customers. Unify software can work in real time to prevent duplicate contact records from entering your organisation's database, as well as help remove any existing duplicates by retrospectively identifying and merging large volumes of contact records.

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QAS Email is a brand new Web Service from Experian Data Quality providing email validation. Instantly validate an email address based on multiple settings of error detection including at the domain, syntax and username level. Fully customizable, QAS Email offers a lot of choice in how you wish to validate email addresses.

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QAS Geocode allows you to easily search and validate any physical address against the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF). It enables you to append latitude and longitude coordinates and G-NAF Persistent Identifiers (PID).

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Enhancing your address data

QAS DataPlus allows business to tap into additional data that can be appended automatically to address records at the point of capture, or added during a batch cleaning process. The product can be integrated with GIS applications and geodemographic data that is typically used by companies for the purpose of customer profiling.

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QAS are currently licensed resellers of postal address data for the following countries:

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Data supplier

Available with



Pro Web

Australia Australia Post
Belgium Arvato Data Services
Canada Canada Post Corporation/Prism Data Services
Denmark Post Danmark  
Finland Finland Post Ltd.  
France La Poste  
Germany Deutsche Post  
Ireland An Post  
Luxembourg Luxembourg Post  
Netherlands TNT Post  
New Zealand New Zealand Post
Norway Posten Norge  
Singapore Singapore Post  
Sweden Sweden Post Ltd.  
Switzerland Die Post/SwissPost
United Kingdom Royal Mail  
United States United States Postal Service/Böwe Bell+  Howell   

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