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Toyota Australia to make switch to cloud computing

Mar 22 2010, 21:47 PM

Cloud computing solutions are to be adopted by Toyota Australia in favour of its in-house enterprise IT infrastructure, it has been announced.

Michael Jenkins, manager of enterprise architecture and strategy at Toyota Australia, said that the change would occur over the course of the next few years, reports IT News.

"Our strategy is to build a private cloud first, bring in a hybrid cloud model and then, over the next five years, push all our applications onto public cloud infrastructure," he said.

Mr Jenkins added that he believes many other companies will be taking similar steps in the near-future.

He stated that the average organisation will no longer need to even think about their data centre once they use cloud computing.

Last week, an article on Information Management said that more and more companies are turning to cloud computing as a way of improving their business processes, as well as making the most out of their IT budgets.

Posted by James Glass

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