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IDC expects greater take-up of cloud computing

Jun 16 2009, 23:54 PM

Businesses may be less inclined to invest in traditional storage software systems if the cost benefits are not quickly apparent.

This is the view of analysts at IDC, which stated that the amount of investment in storage software across the world slumped during the first quarter of 2009.

The group attributed this to the downturn in the global economy, as businesses are looking to ensure each investment generates "quick paybacks".

However, IDC believes the desire to make the best use of funds could potentially lead to a greater take-up of alternative database management systems, such as cloud computing.

"Cloud-based versus on-premises is a discussion for users," commented Laura DuBois, research director at the group.

"[This] will over time impact [on] traditional premises licensed software sales."

The comments come after Rakesh Kumar of Gartner noted that many IT managers are facing contracting budgets, as well as a stronger expectation to deliver a higher level of service to users.

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Written by David Nicholas

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