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Geoscience Australia considering a move to cloud computing

May 23 2011, 16:00 PM

Growing amounts of data and the need for simpler systems are prompting Geoscience Australia (GA) to consider a move to cloud computing.

The agency currently uses around 3,000 applications to manage procedures on behalf of public and private organisations. Most of these are off-the-shelf applications, IT News reported.

But following a report from the Department of Finance, it is looking to combine its ICT efforts for simplicity and it is considering moving to cloud computing.

In its report, the Department of Finance suggested that GA should move to a single system to improve deduplication and database management.

The authors added: "There is merit in a policy department assuming responsibility for whole-of-government coordination and management of spatial data, with GA continuing to provide technical and data support as appropriate."

Geoscience Australia is part of the resources, energy and tourism portfolio of the Australian Government.

It provides information allowing ministers to make informed decisions on the exploitation of resources, the management of the environment and the safety of critical infrastructure.

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