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Companies 'don't realise data's value until they lose it'

Mar 11 2012, 23:35 PM

Many companies do not realise the value of good data management until some of their information is compromised, according to industry experts.

Greg Day, EMEA security CTO and director of security strategy at Symantec, said that many people do not even realise the value of the data they have stored and think it is not essential to their business.

"The majority of people are completely unaware of the value behind losing their data until they actually experience losing it," he noted.

"All too often businesses are the last to know they have lost data, as normally it's a copy taken or left behind - but with duplicates in the business the loss is often missed."

Mr Day went on to say that many businesses do back up their core data but don't back up what is seen as 'everyday' information such as that found on workers' desktops and in their personal folders and emails but often this data can have significant commercial importance.

He warned businesses not to overlook important information simply because "it's on a computer".

Posted by Neil HillADNFCR-1837-ID-801314775-ADNFCR

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