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Bankwest turns to cloud computing

Oct 5 2010, 14:28 PM

Bankwest, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank, is to use a cloud computing offering for part of its operations.

The financial institution has signed up to receive an externally-hosted human resources solution that will cut its internal data storage requirements, as well as providing insights into recruitment patterns, staff turnover and absenteeism, reports the Australian.

Jo McMahon, human resources management information manager for Bankwest, said the move to cloud computing will allow the company to break information down into categories such as gender, location and age.

"Because we can cut the data in many ways we can chart people's career path and also identify issues which may have contributed to people leaving," she stated.

The system is expected to be implemented from March 2011, with a full roll-out scheduled to be completed by July.

According to a recent study conducted by Springboard Research, 81 per cent of companies in Australia and New Zealand feel cloud computing services will be relevant to them in the future, reported IT Wire.

Posted by James Glass

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